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Andrea Maestri @ Fuorisalone 2013

MAESTRILAND is a collection of bizarre furniture, a family of dream-like hallucinations.
Each object is handmade, produced with best manufacturing quality and is pushed to the extreme of a strongly figurative and unconventional aesthetics exploring different materials and techniques.
This collection is based on provocative themes taken without inhibitions from everyday life to create icons with universal comunicative power; trying to explore those cultural areas that are considered too massified or trivial and giving them a new expressive life, they represent a surreal way to turn upside down common beliefs and to create unpredictable scenarios.
Traditional objects as a lamp or a mirror become excessive characters acting on the domestic scene; the final result is a mix of design, art and craftsmanship with timeless and symbolic meanings able to describe the madness and perversions of human society.
MAESTRILAND is a project imagined by Andrea Maestri, furniture and interior designer based in Milan.